Best Discord Bots to Boost Up Your Server In 2022

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In the current meta, one of the best top-tier bots to have on your team. A – These bots are always good enough to make you successfully donate in the game, and they have to be appropriately utilized to recover from the battles. Although the top tier bots encounter them, they are the outstanding pickups for starting a battle. If you want to emerge victorious in every game, make sure to master one of these and pick them in each battle.

botworld bot tier list

If you can grab it while it’s on sale for around £5, then you’ve got yourself a steal; it’s worth noting the game is also free with PS Plus Extra. It has that typical element of “just one more day” or “just one more task” that keeps you on it for crazy amounts of time. This has the effect of keeping you super busy all the time, following NPCs schedules and working around having a corpse delivered to you every so often as well. The game’s aesthetic is well delivered and can be very eerie at times .

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This skill is even more useful in danger zones, as sometimes in danger zones, the enemies could even get killed via landmines or turrets. Participation at a Regional event is not mandatory for students wishing to take part in the World Championships, but it is highly recommended for a number of reasons. Most importantly, first-time builders receive only limited instruction time at the World Championships, whereas provision is much greater at Regional events.

There are plenty of regions to unlock, each with its own set of challenges, resources and towns. It’s an aesthetically pleasing game with a great message, endearing and funny dialogue and story line, perfect for a quick session that will keep you coming back regularly. Finding materials for your boat and specific ones for your bots is where the game starts to get a little harder. I found the boat materials quite hard to find and was usually going out on missions solely for that purpose. Soon into the game, players will be introduced to contract quests they have to complete to get cool rewards.

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This Bot has the highest mobility and speed than any other bot within the Botworld Adventure tier list, and it can easily take down its enemies with the best control skills it has. And with the use of these greatest control skills, he is much capable of knocking down his enemies in the air. Players can try out these bots to test their skills and go against low-level AI bots to collect rewards and in-game coins. However, this is the bottom of the Botworld Adventure tier list, so we highly advise you not to choose them when going against difficult bots or bosses. Berserker is great at soaking up damage for the team due to its high HP.

The SS tier is considered to be the best and E tier bots are the weakest ones. The most prominent bots in tier SS are Icewall and Hypercharge while Gust and Zap Tower are the best ones in tier S. Some bots in tier C are Immobilize and Frost Missile while Hasty Ground ranks in tier D. Botworld Adventure Global version is now officially available on Android & iOS platforms.

For example, Brute or Bigshots’ DPS gets hampered since Chainer pulls enemies away from them or out of their line of fire. AChainer requires a particular team to pick that deserves a high tier. Except for that, this tier list is solely a personal point of view, and it may be different from yours. Overall I’d definitely recommend it as a casual time-waster game, the ads are not intrusive, you can buy an ad-free version for £2.99, which is a great way to help out the developers.

botworld bot tier list

He needs a full stall team and abilities to help him out. On paper, Beat sounds great but is held back by the fact botworld bot tier list that abilities are used automatically. This bot does not allow proper setup and timing with other bots’ abilities.

On top of that, his Flame field ability deals extremely high damage, optionally heals him and forces enemies to run away from him. This allows Flamer to continue kiting if previously slowed or rooted. Having damage that is nothing to laugh at with well-picked AI. Longshot belongs to sniper class and has the rarity of Special.

You are limited in the number of clicks you can do by your battery, which recharges over time, when you level up, clear an area or by using a battery pack. As you unlock more settlements you will have access to more items, which will in turn allow you to complete more quests. Completing quests will give you xp and level up the settlements.

It’s a bit MOBA-y, without the towers and the screaming children. The game sees you wandering around a series of lush environments, building up a team of bots to protect you from the foes and fiends you’ll stumble across on your journey. Across the two games, you get to know the oddball characters around you, as you discover the joys of country life. It’s a passive, serene experience, while still offering plenty of fun for those of you looking for a relaxing adventure. Tower of Fantasy is easy to download and available on various gameplay platforms, including Microsoft Windows PC, Android, and iOS mobile devices.

botworld bot tier list

It transformed the way humanity developed, leading to massive advancements in technology and life itself. Eventually, a few chosen ones started to acquire superhuman abilities, these people were later dubbed Radiants. Barrie has the same level of survival rate as Bullwark. Bullwark, on the other hand, has quicker mobility; more damage reflects damage, and an incredibly large area stun with great damage. The other tanks vastly outmatch Barrie, and he only serves as a slowly moving barrel. Slicer belongs to the Chaser Class and has a Special rarity.

botworld bot tier list

The main story isn’t something unique or new by any means, but the size of the areas and the variety of quests make this quite a solid open-world RPG, especially considering it’s an Android game. Botworld Adventure is a beautiful role-playing game in which you will find a huge open world, unforgettable adventures and pleasant meetings with new friends. Rest your soul as you slowly travel and explore a variety of territories, from dense shady forests to hot deserts. Collect rare artifacts, find treasures and rare items. Unlock new unique heroes and assemble a strong team that is not afraid of any enemy.

At the endgame (level 5000+), chasers are frequently interrupted by a tank chasing a squishy bot. Featherweight’s Botworld Adventure is a Single-player botworld bot tier list RPG game released in October 2021. The game is new but widely popular among users on Android’s Play Store and Apple iOS’s App Store.

  • Completing quests will give you xp and level up the settlements.
  • Just got fork and I’m dissapointed to see it so low on the list, especially considering it’s rarity.
  • Tier lists are largely opinion-based and can vary based on how much you weigh results vs theoretical viability.
  • Well, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and let you know that Discord is one of the rising apps for discussions and chats among the gaming community.

May seem like your average sniper bot but he is far from that.

At the end of each Regional event, a competition is held to determine the most successful builders in each division throughout the week. Winning a Regional event is therefore an indication of a builder’s ability, but Regional Champions do not receive the trophies and major prizes which are available for winning a World Championship. You can claim and fight with those characters, as well as catch Pokemon and play multiplayer games. One of the most used and powerful bots in Discord’s bot history, Tatsumaki, has made its way to servers in no time.

  • Let’s get started with the Tier List for Botworld Adventure without further ado.
  • Scatter gets horribly outclassed as an anti-melee bot by Brute, Ram and even Frosty.
  • Very effective for farming wild bots and other bots as well.
  • I think Sheller has the most HP out of all the Splashers.

Botworld Adventure is all about exploring the Botworld with the help of unique and powerful bots. Tether and Halo are the other two support bots added to the list in Botworld Adventure. First coming to tether, he is a special unit with 14K health which is more than Gusto. One idea would be to use Melee and Tank bots to hurl towards the enemies who will then deal damage.

That is because his attack and defence both are great and his mobbing skills are also decent. I would say though, that you can synergize him with other bots to do cool combos. Don’t be fooled by Barries’ HP. Barrie has as much survivability as Bullwark.

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